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Dreams are amazing

October 4, 2016

I used to think I didn’t have much of an imagination, but then I started remembering my dreams more regularly. They are filled with wonderful  images and ideas, some from books and movies I’ve watched recently, some with places I’ve lived in the past, some with all of the above all together! I wake from them feeling reinvigorated, though I usually have no idea what the message is from my unconscious, I know there is one, and that is enough for me.

I am 64 this year, and that brings to mind old Beatles’ song lyrics, feelings I haven’t accomplished what I desire or could have dreamed up when I was in my 30s. Then I remember how frustrated I was in my 30s and know I have to do what I can, and not worry about what ‘should have been’ as if any of this is in my control.

Hanging out with wonderful folk in their 90s reminds me I am a young chick in comparison, and if I just follow their example and do what I can, all will be well.

Taking the time to listen to my dreams, reflect on them, that helps too.


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