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Dealing with Skin Cancer

April 29, 2016

Having fair skin, as I have written before, means dealing with skin cancer. Over the last twenty years I have had moles on the way to melanoma, but thanks to the vigilance of my dermatologists, none farther than 6 on a scale of one to ten, ten being melanoma, and most being in the 1 to 5 range, and countless basal cells. You should see my chart – two inches thick at least! Two basal were extensive, requiring all day Mohs surgery, the first on my nose almost 18 years ago, and the most recent right next to that one, which had grown under the old scar and required me to lose all the surface skin of my nose except around my nostrils! I then had to have a transplant from my forehead to recover my nose, and will be having derm abrasion on my forehead to clean up that scarring on Tuesday.

Being an actor with visible scars all over my nose and forehead, over 60 and hard to cast as it is, makes life that much more challenging. Visiting home bound friends in their 80s and 90s who keep dying off puts my problems in perspective. While there’s life, there’s  hope.

Hey, anyone out there looking for a face for skin cancer awareness? I am up to date with my SAG-AFTRA membership and available!!!


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