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Getting Acting Work

March 15, 2016

Today I worked as a stand in on The Good Wife, which is fun because the cast and crew are terrific, and I always learn a lot. It was a mixed bag today, because the show has announced that this is the last season and things are winding down, some of the regular stand ins are leaving the show and there were some sad faces at certain points in the day. But the stories are still terrific, so there was a lot of laughter and joy working with people who have been on the show during its history since 2009. I haven’t been hired as often as others, but some of the cast and crew remembered me, which is always encouraging.

I also had rehearsal tonight for a staged reading of Blood Sisters by Robin Rice Lichtig, which will be done on Wednesday March 21st at 7pm at Theatre for A New City, Second Avenue at 10th street, make reservations at as it will fill up! Several playwrights participated in a project to write a play a day last year about real women, written by women and some of them got together to get these a reading in hopes of getting them produced in full at some point. Our director is Lori Kee, who is wonderful, so I am very excited about this one. It is based on the Dominican nuns who protested nuclear weapons by going into a missile site  and pounding on the cement lid and pouring their blood on it and were given two to three year sentences for this nonviolent action. I get to play Sr. Ardeth Platte, so my peacemaking and acting are coming together on this one. Thank you, Sr. Ardeth, for your life and work for peace and justice – I think you will be pleased at the challenge we offer our audience.


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