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Physical Therapy Continues

November 9, 2015

Since I fell on June 26 and broke my left hip, I have been recovering very well (thank you for all the prayers!). Roosevelt Hospital has a great rehab program and each day in the hospital I could see improvement daily after my physical and occupational therapy. Since getting home on July 14 to my 4th floor walkup, I continue working on getting better each day. I have been doing Physical Therapy at Roosevelt as an out patient for the last month or so, and tomorrow will get reevaluated, to see if I need more or can continue on my own.

I am not sure what to wish for, as going to physical therapy is difficult and hard to measure the improvement – it is not as easy to tell as when I was first injured. But I do want to continue to improve so I can feel more like my old self, able to go downstairs without thinking about how many trips up and down this will involve, and if I can take doing it more than twice if I have to do so.

Getting old is not for sissies, as I hear Bette Davis originally said. There are so many indignities that you go through that no one warns you about! Who wants to hear about digestive problems as you age? Let me tell you, no one! But it is true.

I used to love hanging out with my elderly friends in their 80s and 90s, as they all think I am a spring chicken, but after this summer I am not feeling that plucky.  When they get depressed, I am not so quick to say all will be well, look on the bright side. I miss +Josephine Kolenik and all those who have gone on to their reward.  Now I wonder how they can be so cheerful, what is the secret to finding joy in the every day things with which they deal?

Let us look for the joy and revel in it! Shared joy increases, shared sorrow lessens, so share what you find, but look for the joy, as the sorrow will find us.


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