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Recovering from a broken hip

September 4, 2015

I fell while working on June 26 and broke my left hip. I had surgery the next morning and a pin was inserted into my femur and hardware was added to secure the femur to my hip, as the bones that normally do that were broken in the fall as well. They also added a screw just above my knee to secure the whole thing. All has healed well, except the one at my knee, which started coming out, as I discovered at a one month checkup on Aug. 17. My doctor took new xrays and showed me all 3, the one from the er, the one right after surgery and the one from that day. I was heading to Ohio to visit the grandkids the next day, so was concerned, he said it would be fine until I got back. So today, Sept. 4, I had the screw out in a 10 minute outpatient surgery, and am home with no physical restrictions, other than keeping the wound site dry for a couple weeks until I get the stitches out on Sept. 14.

I missed going to Trinita for two weeks to volunteer, though thanks to Nancy Strini, my friend and fellow leader in the Missionary Cenacle Family (she is regional custodian, I am her assistant) I did get to visit overnight for the last weekend of Trinita! And thanks to another friend, Leroy Ferguson, who joined us for the final Fiesta at Trinita, I got a ride back to NYC afterwards! I was able to get around pretty well, and to volunteer at the pool so one of the others got to play with the families one more time, so I felt I pulled my weight for the visit! A year without time at Trinita is not to be endured.

I hope to be healed enough to get back to work by the end of September, which is great since the theatre where I usher has a new show and new owners, and I don’t want to be giving excuses so they don’t want to hire me! It is looking very promising, as I was able to climb my 4 flights of stairs at home with no problems today. Just had to take my time, so in 20 days I should be in very good shape.

Living with a repaired hip is not too difficult, and visiting folk who are older than me yesterday at Mary Manning Walsh, I am very encouraged that I will be back to my normal self in no time. They are doing pretty well, one is 20 years older than me and has both hips repaired, and she is getting around very well, so I thank God for all the prayers that have helped my healing, and look forward to continuing to ‘do good, be good, be a power for good,’ as Father Judge, CM, the founder of the Missionary Cenacle Family used to say.


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