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A friend is getting ordained a Redemptorist

May 28, 2015

I live in a 4th floor walkup in New York, next to my parish, which is Redemptorist run and they used to own my building, as well. When I moved in, I was running the Religious Ed program for the parish and was able to move in when a former tenant moved out. Shortly thereafter, the pastor, who had been dealing with the old (former)school buildings in court cases as the current tenants weren’t paying their rent, asked his superiors to sell the building, as he couldn’t get rid of the schools and being in tenant/landlord court all the time was not something he became a priest to do!

I understood his objections, as we met as a staff and discussed all the parish business, but as a tenant lucky enough to be living in the building, I was concerned that the new landlord would hike up the rents and I would be forced to leave New York. The other tenants in the building were equally distressed, but it has turned out fairly well, as the rent stabilization laws meant they had to honor our leases, and the pastor made sure they were in order. Being one of the more recent arrivals, I talked to the other tenants and made friends with Anthony Mihalik, who was on the first floor and had been there the longest, I thought. Being in this building has meant so much to all of us!

Jump forward 25 years, and Anthony, who left the apartment to enter the seminary, is now going to be ordained on June 27 in Ephrata, PA, his home town, and our parish is planning a road trip to see him ordained and do his first Mass there. Fr. Arthur Wendel, who grew up in New York in the same parish and was his pastor when Anthony was the music director there, will be preaching at his Mass as well. They both have glorious voices, I hope they sing some duets for us!


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