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Looking for Work

May 12, 2015

Being an actor, I have to look for work to get it. Even the unpaid acting work has to be auditioned for and gotten. To supplement my paid acting work, I need other work, which I also have to get. I was ushering and monitoring at Equity for a while, and that, with my paid acting work, episodic as it is, was enough to do all right. Then in November of 2012, Equity decided to make the monitoring job a staff position, which means you can’t serve on Council (not that I am or want to) or Committees, which I felt at the time was not a good thing. The expertise of auditioning actors and stage managers would then be lost to the committees which decided on how things would run at those auditions.

I kept spending money as if I was earning what I had been before, so now I have credit card debt and really need to find more supplemental work. Argh! I haven’t been auditioning as much as I would like, and though sending out for background and film and TV work, haven’t been getting it. I need to get on the stick!

Then in January the show I was working as an usher closed and the theatre was sold to another entity, who has their own crew, so I am not ushering either. Time to get any kind of work! And I sit here, looking at email and Facebook and writing this. Get up and get to work getting work!!!


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