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Spring in NYC

March 26, 2015

I went to an event sponsored by Mama Donna Henes on Friday, to balance eggs, in the tradition of the ancient Chinese, for good luck for the New Year, on March 20, spring equinox. On that day, the earth is so balanced that you can balance an egg (yes, raw) on its end at the equinox moment and for almost an hour after as well.

I had a busy day: went to the 8am Mass and got Communion so I could visit my friend who is homebound later on, went to PS 20 and read to my classes as I do each week – 9:30 to 11am, went to the library to return books and get a new one to read, visited my homebound friend at 11:30am, went up to East 96th Street to tape the Sunday Mass with the Passionists at St. Frances de Sales Church – 1:30 to 3pm (though they filmed 3, I had to leave after 2), went home to meet Diane Snyder by 4pm, our chiropractic vet who makes home visits for our cats, now one cat, Reggie. He is almost 19 years old and getting very skinny, so she was gentle with him even more than usual. It was beginning to snow at 3pm, very lightly, but I was committed to helping with getting set up for the event at Grand Army Plaza in Brooklyn, so I called to say I was on my way, but running a bit late. I told them not to wait for me as I would see if they were there when I got out of the subway. So I thought! The event was to start at 6:15pm, as the moment was at 6:45pm, and I was supposed to get there by 5:45, but I didn’t get there until almost 6:15, so they were already there and I joined in the setup – as soon as I found them – visibility was low. Having been there for other events, it was easy, but hard to believe I couldn’t see them, had to go on faith! We put the 360 eggs in a crate in the center of the circle Donna created with red material. She set up her smudge, oils, etc. and we were ready. Of course, by now it was snowing so heavily the red cloth was almost invisible under the inches of snow!

Donna’s assistant plays in an all female drumming band, who were to perform, and many of them showed up, even some came on bicycle, lugging their bass drums and in costume, too! Amazing! Various friends, relatives and even Channel 12 from NJ came, and though it was the first time it snowed so heavily for this event in 40 years, the eggs were balanced and then the drummers played. What a wonderful event! Some of us gathered the eggs that had fallen, so we wouldn’t have to do them all once when the drummers were done, but we didn’t move the eggs that were still standing, and stand they did – until we had to leave. Donna donates the eggs to a nearby homeless shelter, they have really blessed omelets the next day! Her relatives, her assistant and boyfriend and I gathered all the eggs and her things and trundled our way back to her loft on Sterling Place, where she served us a snack and we all shared stories of the event and thawed out in front of a fire in her lovely space in exotic Brooklyn. Then I went home to my husband and cat – back by 9:30pm or so. I called my sister in Ohio to let her know I had balanced an egg for her, too – I got 5 to stand up, though only one lasted until we left. I think my mittens have dried out now, just!

The next day there was still snow on the trees as we went to do our Saturday morning shopping, and the wind blew it off the branches so it looked like it was snowing, but the temperature rose so all the snow was gone by afternoon. A friend posted pictures on Facebook of Friday with snow covered branches, and the same spot the next day with crocus blooming! Sometimes I do still love New York.


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  1. Mary Kay Land permalink

    You captured the anticipation of the egg-balancing part of the celebration. Almost felt like I.had been there, too!

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