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Christmas letters

December 30, 2013

I usually send Christmas cards and write a letter, which I include in most of the cards or send instead of a card. This year I haven’t been inspired to write a letter but miss doing it all the same.

Looking back at the year, as I copy things from my old calendar into my new one, and yes, I still use the paper one – can’t do all digital – I just don’t trust myself not to lose what’s in the phone and have to have the paper backup – I remember those who have died this year and all the events of this 2013.

My retreat ladies lost two this year, +Josephine Kolenik, who was Captain of our retreats at San Alfonso before me, and went on retreat 30 years before she had to retire, and +Helen Stone. I helped empty their apartments with their relatives and was astounded at some of the amazing things these two ladies did in their lifetimes. Josephine was a businesswoman who complained that her friends were all dying off and she didn’t seem able to make friends with young people. She considered me young, nice! She made good friends, her coworker Richard, who lives in Queens, tracked her down at each place she lived and visited, even offering a ride to me and others of her friends so we could visit in Pearl River with him. She had retired many years ago, but he kept in touch. Helen was a leader in her field of Foster Parents, having written books and taught others how to be good foster parents. She was honored just before she passed away, after fighting cancer for many years. So humble, I never would have known.
Visiting folk who are homebound, you tend to lose a lot of people. +Mary Pan, +Anna Sciales, +Jane Evans, and +Elizabeth Belinsky all passed away this year, they were so ready! Elizabeth kept saying, take me or give me strength! My parents died in their 60s and 70s, these ladies were in their 80s and 90s, I just can’t imagine it. A couple friends lost their moms, +Rose M. Pace and +Elsa Crespo – I feel at a loss, as I lost my mom in 1990, which feels like such a long time ago. Mostly just being there is all I can do – words just don’t seem to cut it. Maybe that’s why I don’t feel much like writing a Christmas missive – how depressing to get this list of those who have died. But they are much on my mind. Heaven is getting full!!!
We rely on their prayers for us, to help us keep on working for peace and justice, sharing the knowledge that God is love, and we are all called to be good, do good, be a power for good.

I continue to work with Pax Christi Metro NY, the Missionary Cenacle Family and my parish, Most Holy Redeemer, and have reconnected with Theta healing as well. Hope to have more acting work soon and look forward to hearing from everyone! take care,


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