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Visiting friends

December 27, 2012

My friend James Maggard is in town, he lives in Kentucky and teaches. We ran a theatre company together with Brigid Herold, now deceased, and Susan Stein, now living in California with her hubbie and daughter. I run into various friends who did shows with us and they always want to connect, it was a good time for us all.

Jim happened to be in town when I was doing a show that the playwright ended up directing as he didn’t trust the original director, a couple years ago. He and Pam Mitchell saw it the same night, so I was able to have some very good discussion with them about the whole process, two people with whom I have done great theatre in the past, with the sort of complicated mess that entails. I love that kind of life, miss being part of a company where that can happen more often.

My friends have scattered to the four winds, so I have to snatch those discussions when I can get them. They feed my soul! Looking forward to lunch with Jim, will share with him how much fun I had with Susan when she was in town and I got to meet Lila – such a great mix of her mom and dad! I want to hear about what shows he has done this year with his Company of Dreams in Kentucky. I can share about rehearsal of my friend Janet and Donny’s production of  A Christmas Carol, a new musical, in Ohio that I got to see. Life is amazing.


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