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Christmas Letter

December 24, 2012

I write because I want to get letters. Well, that’s how I got started. My father was a writer and wrote terrific letters, and if I wrote regularly he would write back. He wrote anyway, but it got me in the habit of writing. Unfortunately, he died in 1978, so I have been trying to get others to write me as well as he did, and he is very hard to replace.

I am encouraged to write, though I feel I am not very good, because several friends have asked me to continue to write them, though they don’t write back because they are poor, or don’t feel they are such good writers.

I think letter writing is a lost art because everyone blogs or twitters or Facebooks. But those are usually short and some use abbreviated letters, a whole new language.

I write to kids in schools, as a PencilPAL, through BookPALS, volunteer actors who read to kids in school and write for this program, to encourage them to value reading and writing and education. It is fun, because they write back, and you have to work at writing what they might be interested to read, so good training.

I like to write a Christmas message, but as usual, am only getting around to it today, Christmas Eve, so most people won’t get it until January sometime. If it is before Jan. 6th, that is within the Christmas season, or before Feb. 2nd, the old definition of Christmas season, I could live with that. I just don’t want it to be boring. Having a deadline sometimes helps, sometimes just makes me frustrated.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!


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