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Fair skin not fun

November 29, 2012

I had another basal on my back, got mohs surgery today. Only had to have one swipe done before we got the all clear. In at 9:30am, done by 11:30am. Had a checkup at my primary care on Tuesday, meeting with the new nurse practitioners for the first time. They kept asking, is this your first time here? No, I have been coming for 3 years, just haven’t come in a few months because the last time I called to ask about a supplement I never got a return call, so just blew it off for a while. They had put my records in storage so they were asking what surgeries, if any, I had had, or serious illness.

Dermatology is something someone with the number of moles I have has to take seriously. I am always growing a basal or a mole that is on the way to melanoma, or a squamous. Have to deal with them or they just keep growing, but not too serious, luckily for me. The nurse practitioners were amazed at the number of basals I have had taken off.

Oh, then there are the warts I got when I was a preteen. Almost forgot, had pneumonia almost 4 years ago. Mostly in good health though. Weird.


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