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November 25, 2012

I love it when I have an amazing dream. I tend to think of myself as not very imaginative, but when I have a great dream I can see that I do have a good imagination.

I dreamt I was ushering at the old IRT on West 28th Street, but they were doing a King Lear and their asm was missing, so I kept helping out by making sure the audience didn’t get in the actors’ way. Someone directed me to the director, who wanted to hire me, but first wanted to check with the difficult actor (who was probably the reason why the asm was missing), to make sure he would be happy with me. He took me backstage into the men’s dressing room, but forgot to warn them a woman was coming in, so I made a joke out of it and everyone seemed happy with me. I was glad they wanted to hire me, but a little disappointed it wasn’t acting work. I also saw the head usher from the Hayes up in the balcony, who discovered there was a huge drop with no railing present, and quickly worked to correct that problem before one of her people could fall off the edge. Also heard her let a fellow usher go early, though she would be paid as a late, so she was very happy, too.

I have a sore throat, which seems to make me have vivid dreams. Hopefully it is not anything more serious, as pneumonia made me dream a lot, too. Back to bed I go. 


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